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    Spa Consulting Services Provided

    Services Provided


    Major Business

    Total consulting on beauty & wellness

    - Providing a total solution necessary for opening spa and wellness facilities from concept and program development, operation, marketing, training and design based on a thorough analysis on business feasibility
    - Providing a differentiated business models that suits the needs of individual customers such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, theme parks and day spas
    - Follow-up management and support for training and marketing through continuous communication with customers

    Consulting Proposals

    1st  consulting

    1-1. Review on a facility plan
    1) Project overview: Review on basic data such as background, facility plan and schedule
    2) Project background: Review on location and area of a business model
    3) Project purpose: Review on development possibilities including basic direction and project purpose based on interview with a client

    1-2. Environmental analysis
    1) Domestic precedent development case study: Facilities developed, characteristics and introduced facilities, etc.
    2) Overseas precedent development case study: Analysis on development cases of advanced countries, minimization of trials and errors in the development

    1-3. Feasibility analysis
    1) Marketing STP, SWOT analysis, 4P Mix identification: Setting the concept and positioning of spa
    2) Review on location, demand forecast, trend analysis, on-site investigation (field visit), etc.
    3) Identification of spa concept, presenting manpower operation plan, facility operation plan and promotion plan
    4) Expected investment plan: Estimation of investment budget expected upon facility introduction: estimated construction cost, equipment, furniture, basic components, etc.
    5) Financial analysis: profit forecast (expected sales, operating expenses) for 3 years, cash flow, break-even point, IRP, NPV

    2nd consulting

    2-1. Support for spa design
    1) Basic design plan: estimation of program area and shared area based on division of rooms, flow planning and layout
    2) Layout: Presenting images such as floor plan, elevation and cross-sectional view incorporating the program
    3) Consultation and inspection: Upon detailed design by design team, providing necessary documents and conducting consultation or inspection

    3rd consulting

    3-1. Support for store opening and staff training
    1) Development of spa program manual
    2) Development of operating manual
    3) Human resources development: Training program, spa manager and staff training

    4) Rehearsal for spa opening

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